Monthly Favourites


It seems a bit anti-climatic to be starting off my blog with a ‘Monthly-Favourites,’ how very mainstream. BUT, the products I have chosen for this month are the inspiration that gave me the kick to start blogging. Two years ago I made the conscious decision to try and slowly introduce more sustainable practices and habits into my life. Things are more simplified now, and more mindful-its nice! Having just moved to Austria I am totally amazed, empowered and excited by the amount of sustainable, natural, and affordable products there are on the market. I have only been here for a couple of months, but already I have made some firm favourites!


 Soft, shiny, glossy hair without the silicones, synthetic dyes and PEG? Yes please! These little wonders from Bioturm are the best organic shampoo and conditioner I have tried yet. The olive and argan oils in these products help to give your hair that silky swing, a must if you’re going for an ever so sultry and sophisticated look. Who isn’t?!

Top tip:-Try rinsing the conditioner from your hair with cold water for extra smooth and shine. The cold water closes your hair follicles after being under the hot water. You’re welcome.


Next up, Melvita. This is a French brand, but I have come across it in the Uk and can easily order items over to Austria. The first item is a cleansing mousse. Aside from it’s heavenly scent this cleansing mousse is an ultra easy and quick way to take care of your skin. It’s everything I want from a cleanser, light, sensitive and seems to work with my skin rather than against it. I follow up with the Lavender flower water to use as a type of toner. This stinks. It’s the strongest, weirdest, lavender smell Ive ever sniffed. I’d definitely recommend having a whiff before you buy. I have found however, it’s really worked wonders on my skin. Its much more delicate than an actual toner but I still feel it firms and brightens my skin!

These have both become staples in my skincare routine and think they’ll be around in my life for a long time to come!


Carrying on in the Melvita theme, their ‘L’Or Bio’ is magic magic magic! I only use this at night, because who wants an oily face during the day?! I was a bit nervous at first to try this out, oils and myself don’t mix well together. To my surprise, its not oily at all and just all kinds of lovely for tired skin in need of a moisture perk! Give it a go and thank me later! Instant face fix!


Finishing up with my little natural collection, I’m going to do a shout out to Alverde cosmetics. I discovered this brand my first week in Austria. Skint from the move and desperate for a decent foundation to hide the bags under my eyes and the stress wrinkles I had definitely deepened during move in, I came across this gem. At 3.95€ for a 30ml tube I was pleasantly surprised with how good this little guy is. It’s not the best application, but with my beauty blender to the rescue I found the finished look was achieved with minimal damage to my wallet and less of the harmful crap on my face. Alverde is a little brand by DM (Austrian Superdrug) who have all the right morals and intentions. Well, as much as a corporation can! Their make-up products are excellent, they take out as many nasties as possible whilst being affordable for all and cruelty free (and vegan in the case of this foundation)! Altogether a brand I can get behind, even if the affordable branding makes for some not so pretty packaging!

Im always on the look out for new brands and products to try of the natural/organic variety, so please share your beauty secrets with me!!!

Beth x

Monthly Favourites